The Hunter's Call

These monster hunters are about to get schooled…

Fighting monsters is all I’ve ever known—and I’ve always fought alone. Until the night I stumble onto an elite monster hunter academy and into the arms of four hottie hunters who not only know the exact Latin classification of the thing trying to eat me, but how to kill it dead.

Then Tyler Perkins, the crazy rich and shamelessly sexy leader of this monster hunting squad, kicks it up a notch. He challenges me to stay. To fight. He’s arrogant and entitled and did I mention gorgeous…and the way he pushes me makes want to push back. Hard.

Tyler and his whole smokin’ hot team tempt me in ways that are far more dangerous than any monster throwdown. I know I should split town—but I can’t.

Because for all its gorgeous old buildings and shiny bright classrooms, something dark, sinister, and deadly is lurking in the shadows of Wellington Academy, waiting to attack…

And I’m just the kind of girl for that job.

**THE HUNTER'S CALL is book 1 in the Monster Hunter Academy series, a slow-burn urban fantasy romance with a fast-talking, sharp-witted heroine, four hunters-in-training hot enough to make your palms sweat, and way too many monsters to hide in a closet. Keep your blades at the ready and dive in!**

The Hunter's Call

Never let a demon see you sweat.

Zachariah Williams isn’t just the darkest, most gothically gorgeous member of my new academy monster hunting squad…he’s smart, sexy, and broken in a way I deeply understand. The son of a small-town preacher with a big-time skillset, he’s faced down monsters his whole life, a natural-born demon hunter whose deep empathy and shattered soul makes me crave his glance, his smile, and, okay…his hands all over me.

Trouble is, he’s also got one killer of a family secret: right after he falls in love, Hell on earth breaks out. The only way to stop it? Sacrifice whoever’s captured his heart.

Talk about a second-date buzzkill.

Of course, I haven’t been fighting monsters practically since the cradle to back down now. Zach and the entire Wellington Academy monster hunter academy squad are becoming my stand-in family, and that means more to me than I ever expected.

And if someone’s gotta take out a bunch of fire-breathing demons without getting hot under the collar, I’m still the right girl for the job.

**THE HUNTER'S CURSE is book 2 in the Monster Hunter Academy series, a slow-burn urban fantasy romance with a fast-talking, sharp-witted heroine, four hunters-in-training hot enough to make your palms sweat, and way too many monsters to hide in a closet. Keep your blades at the ready and dive in!**

Touch of the Mage

Life at the academy just got… messy.

I’ve always dreamed of getting into a top college, but after a stint in juvie, my school prospects went sideways fast. Now I work at a magic academy—as a janitor. Ironic, right?

Okay, so maybe I get a kick out of secretly solving the arcane equations the professors leave on the board for the rich, entitled student wizards. I’m broke, not stupid.

Except then I get caught by the hottest mage on campus…who ropes me into helping him and his three equally gorgeous friends win a decidedly screwed-up magic competition.

Easy enough, I think—until I start setting things on fire and getting chased by shadow monsters and fighting side by side with four of the sexiest, most powerful wizards ever…and find myself—just maybe—falling in love…

With all of them.


Note: This is a medium burn, New Adult paranormal academy romance, and book 1 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series.

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Prologue: Connor

She was in the building. I could feel it.

Her energy popped and crackled like sparklers on the Fourth of July, winding me up the moment I stepped into the library. I’d find her tonight, I decided, no matter how much she tried to avoid me, to avoid any of the students at Twyst Academy. She wasn’t supposed to mingle with us.

Too bad.

Because unless I was totally off, Maddigan Pierce was barely keeping the lid down on more natural-born magic than a dozen academy students combined. Even crazier, she didn’t go to school here—she worked here. Which made things kind of tricky. Twyst had ironclad rules about its superrich, super magical, and super elite student corps messing with the hired help.

I didn’t care. She belonged here more than we did.

And tonight, I was going to track her down. Talk to her. Touch her hand, maybe. My mouth watered just thinking about it, and I had to fight from going hard. Which was kind of insane, because the girl I wanted so bad it hurt, the one who made my pulse jack every time I was within fifty feet of her?

She was a freaking janitor.

“Earth to Con-ner,” crooned a totally different girl right in my face, yanking my attention front and center. It shouldn’t be a hardship—Brynne Green was everything I should want in a study buddy—gorgeous and redheaded, with a tight skirt, heavily-lashed eyes, and a seductive pout. She clearly didn’t believe I’d asked her to hang with me tonight because I needed to nail this week’s exams, not her smokin’ hot body.

Hell, I couldn’t believe it either. Studying had been the last thing on my mind since I’d gotten into to Twyst Academy, elite school of magecraft, three years ago. I came because it was expected of me, stayed for the spells and the unexpected tribe I found, partied like it was my job, and coasted for the first two years.

But third year…third year had been a bitch. I was behind in every class, so I had to ace this last round of exams if I wanted to qualify for the Mage Trials. Hugh and Rafe had the GPA to get in, and my best friend Marcus was a freaking genius, so he was guaranteed a spot even if he tanked his midterms. I was still on the bubble, though, which meant I had to buckle down. I’d been trying to score a tutor for three straight weeks, and Brynne here was my last chance before exams hit over the next few days.

“Sorry.” I gave her a smile that made her mouth soften and her eyes light up with calculated interest. Damn, she was hot. Why didn’t she turn me on? Why didn’t anyone other than Maddigan Pierce, now that I finally figured out she was the reason I’d started gravitating toward the library every night at the beginning of this semester, the reason why the squeak of wheels on a goddamned trash cart made my hands sweat?

Another flare of power zipped across my senses, and I forced myself to breathe steadily as I focused on Brynne, her lips slick with candy-apple lip gloss and her shiny hair tumbling over her shoulders. But it wasn’t Brynne I wanted, at least not for anything other than figuring out my psychometry midterm. It was a stone-faced, hazel-eyed, tight-jawed Valkyrie with her hair yanked back in a ponytail and her body buried in baggy men’s clothes and scuffed boots as she slipped from shadow to shadow in the quiet halls of Twyst Academy, determined not to be seen.

It had taken me an entire semester to figure out Maddigan’s name, and I ruthlessly avoided repeating it now in my mind, because I knew from experience how my body reacted to it. Brynne already had the wrong idea here, tugging me toward the study pod.

I needed to get it together, like, right now.

“You know, we could have studied in my room,” Brynne purred as we sat down in the cushioned chairs. She leaned toward me, giving me a fantastic view of her tits, and I gritted my teeth—not because I wanted Brynne, but because I’d have given my left nut to see another set of breasts right now, breasts I’d only been able to imagine, shielded behind a buttoned-up tan workshirt that gave no indication of the body beneath. Even the thought of peeling off Maddigan’s oversized clothes, touching the warm and supple skin beneath—

Focus, goddammit!

I stared at Brynne with a surge of intensity that had her sitting up straight. “Sorry if I wasn’t clear,” I said, a little rougher than I wanted. “I really do have to study.”

She didn’t seem to mind the rejection. If anything, her eyes flashed with more interest.

“Oh, come on…” she cooed, swaying toward me again. Her hair bounced, her lips pouted, but all I could concentrate on was the fact that someone else had ducked her head into the library, someone else was watching me, the sudden blast of awareness and power setting every nerve in my body on fire.

“You can’t expect me to believe you actually want to work tonight,” Brynne continued. “You always ace everything! And there are so many other things we could be studying…”

I heard it then, a soft chuckle of derisive laughter that nearly turned me inside out as the surge of power abruptly cut off and I was left alone, breathing hard, stiff as a pole, forced to deal with a sexy-as-hell co-ed with anything on her mind but studying, her hand already reaching out to caress my thigh.

Through no fault of her own, Brynne’s touch was as brutal as an ice bath, immediately taking the edge off my blinding need for another girl entirely. A girl who worked so hard not to be seen, it was a miracle I’d ever realized she existed. A girl who right now was pushing her way deeper into the heart of Twyst Academy, vanishing from sight.

A girl I supposedly couldn’t even talk to.

Tonight…that was going to change.

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Blood of the Mage

At the academy, everyone has their secrets...

Up until a few weeks ago, the only dirt I dished at the Twyst Academy of Magecraft came from scrubbing its floors. Now I’ve learned that deep within these hallowed halls, sinister secrets hide everywhere.

I try to focus on my new job as janitor-turned-war mage, helping my team of four super-hot college wizards win an insanely intense magic competition, but it isn’t easy.

Especially since I’ve barely come to terms with falling for Connor, the most carefree mage in our group…only to develop a mind-blowing crush on Luke, the biggest, scariest mage I’ve ever met. Which, um, is complicated.

And when Luke is nearly killed to keep the explosive truth about his past hidden, something fierce and deadly rages to life inside me. Because I’ve got secrets, too...

Note: This is a slow burn, New Adult paranormal academy romance, and book 2 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series.

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Prologue: Luke

I watched her across the quad as she searched the crowd, her hazel eyes sharp and distrusting. She’d pulled her long dark hair back from her face, and she moved like a fighter entering the ring. I could see the set to her jaw, the slight clenching of her right hand. She didn’t tighten her left. Instead, she flared those fingers out slightly, as if knowing she’d need that hand to balance herself if she had to throw a punch. She was wary, uncertain. On edge.

She was so much like me it hurt.

And I wanted her. Bad enough it made it tough to breathe whenever she was near. Bad enough I’d had to double—triple—my workouts, just so I didn’t say or do something stupid in her presence. Because Maddigan Pierce was not for me.

Not because of Connor, either. He’d found our fierce, incredible war mage first. She fell in love with him straight off, though she still didn’t trust herself to use those words. And he loves her right back. Love comes easy to guys like Connor.

But Connor also insisted that Maddigan was our war mage, and she could love whoever she wanted. Be with whoever she wanted. It was her choice, her decision. She was our center, our beating heart, and if she chose to be with any of us—in any way—we would be stronger for it.

Maddigan’s inner strength absolutely jacked our wizarding abilities every time she touched us—I already knew that to be true. When she joined us in our fighting formation, we were unstoppable. And I also suspected that simply kissing her would amplify my personal power a million percent. Actual sex would probably make my head explode.

And all I had to do in return? Lay down my life for her.

That part I had no problem with.

But I wasn’t worthy of Maddigan Pierce. Never would be. No one could stand to be near me except the guys who made up our team—and I half suspected they were surprised we’d become friends, too. I didn’t blame them. I was rough, scarred. I got angry way too fast, and I was big enough to knock shit down when that happened. I scared people. I didn’t fit, and never had.

Hell, my own parents had dumped me on the front door of a boarding school the first chance they got, then vanished. Completely. Abandoned our family farm so fast that when I went home for my first break not three months later, the place was nothing but a ghost town. They didn’t even say goodbye. I was fourteen years old, and functionally an orphan.

A freak, more like.

Now I had to teach Maddigan how to fight. Work with her in close contact, touching her, holding her. Smelling her heat and fire, tasting the salt of her sweat, even the tang of her blood. Like always, I went hard just thinking about it, which was fucking insane.

It didn’t matter that I hoped—prayed, really—that she would help me, too. Not with sex—I couldn’t even think about that—but with a secret project I needed a sidekick for. A sidekick, not an equal, so none of the guys on our team qualified. It was a fucking pain in the ass, but maybe, with Maddigan’s help…maybe I could make it work.

If I didn’t scare the shit out of her before that, of course.

I blew out a long, slow breath, and it was my turn to clench my fists, to use all my training to relax my body, slow my pounding blood. I would do anything for the guys, anything to help us win the Mage Trials competition. If Maddigan wanted to learn self-defense, I would teach her. If she wanted to spar, to hit me with her flying fists, her eyes wild, her mouth caught halfway between an anguished snarl and fierce delight as she rushed me—I would fight her.

But if she wanted to get any closer, to look at me with those deep, wide hazel eyes, her gorgeous hair spilling out of her ponytail to cover her shoulders, her breath hitching in her throat as her breasts rose and fell, if she wanted to kiss me, touch me—no. I wouldn’t ever let her do that, even if she thought she should, to help out the team. I knew who, and what, I was, and I sensed the purity of power in her, the hidden strength. I didn’t care what Connor believed about mage teams, and the cumulative effect of all of us bonding with our war mage—it wasn’t going to happen.

I breathed out another hissing sigh as she saw me across the quad, her eyes lighting up, her face breaking into a smile. God, was there anyone more beautiful to ever walk the earth? I couldn’t imagine it.

Maddigan Pierce was a queen. Compared to her, I was nothing but dirt.

And I would keep her safe.

Even—especially—from me.

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Heart of the Mage

At the academy, it’s time to drop the mop.

I never thought I’d miss being a janitor, but at least I knew what I was doing in that job. Now I’m a great and mighty war mage trying to help a team of college wizards win a magic competition, and I’m desperately afraid of screwing up.

To make matters worse, my four gorgeous, powerful teammates totally believe in me, none more so than dangerously sexy, unnervingly intense Marcus Winter. Marcus knows he can make me stronger…but only if I’m willing to let him unlock my deepest desires.

Um... k.

Marcus has his own reasons for wanting to win the Mage Trials. Three years ago, he lost his cousins to the game. Now there’s the faintest hint they might be alive—but to find them, we’ll have to pull out all the stops. Marcus is willing to do whatever it takes to level me up…

And I might just let him.


Note: This is a slow burn, New Adult paranormal academy romance, and book 3 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series.

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Prologue: Marcus

I can give you what you need.

I tightened my grip on the lat pull-down bars in the corner of the gym, watching and waiting, knowing my chance would come. It always did.

What I didn’t know any more was what I’d do when I got that chance. When I was finally close enough to Maddigan Pierce to touch her. Explore her. To slip past her defenses and dive deep into her truth. She’d been circling, circling, ever closer. Wanting that danger. Needing it. Needing me in a way she didn’t fully understand yet.

I understood it, though. And I could help her. If we were both willing to pay the price.

She wasn’t the first who’d come to my door, wanting something they couldn’t fully express. Needing something they instinctively knew I could give them.

But she might be the last.

I was okay with that. Lucky enough to have been born both rich and attractive, I’d had my way paved smooth since I was in the cradle. I was catered to, accommodated, indulged. It hadn’t been enough for me. I’d needed more. When I’d started making my own demands, taking control, it’d seemed like the natural order of things for everyone involved. I learned to be ruthless in that control—training my mind and body to do what I wanted it to do. Pushing myself to the limits of my tolerance of both pleasure and pain. I failed to fill the hole that loomed inside me, but I never stopped trying.

I’d studied every subject, memorized every spell. I’d walked the path of a mind mage, learning how to dive deep into the minds of those around me, to understand what they most needed and give it to them. I’d even convinced my parents to send me to Twyst Academy, despite the deaths of my cousins. I had no choice, really. Twyst was the best school of magecraft in the world. Only here could I master my own mind, learn how to harness my abilities. Harness and transcend them. The deaths of Chris and Steve in the Mage Trials was a tragedy, but it didn’t stop my truth.

So I’d come. I’d learned. And I’d made discoveries I hadn’t intended. Met friends I hadn’t expected in Connor, Luke, and Rafe. As different as we all were, we’d bonded. Grown stronger. And along the way, I’d begun to hear the whispers about the Trials, the ultimate challenge of our college years. The test that’d killed my cousins…

Or had it? The need to know the truth became my obsession. The need to enter and win the Trials had consumed us all.

Then we’d met our war mage.

Maddigan practically vibrated with power, a power that called to me with sweet, dark promise, whispering to me that here, finally, I could be made whole. Here, finally, I could find peace. A peace that would come only with healing her, in a way that I alone could.

She was so filled with doubt, with fear. Fear her strength will destroy us all.

I know better, though. I know she was born to command, to rule. And I can help her step into that power. Not just to accept it, but to revel in it. Own it. And wear the crown she so totally deserves. I'll give her everything she needs to break free of her self-imposed chains.

Unless she breaks me, first, of course.

But damn... what a way to go.

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Soul of the Mage

Cleaning up the academy just got…personal.

Up to now, my life has been kind of a fairy tale—the down-on-her-luck janitor turned war mage, tapped to help four super-hot college wizards win a magic competition, while they become my very own Prince Charmings.

Except now, as our final and deadliest challenge looms, I’m supposed to bond with the last mage of the group, Rafe. And he’s nothing like I expect.

With the barest smile, he seduces me. With the softest touch, he electrifies me. From our very first kiss, he opens me to a haunting, forsaken power that binds me to him, body and soul.

Even worse, I know—know—that Rafe is hiding a terrible secret. One that threatens to shatter him into a million pieces…or shatter me instead. But I haven’t come this far to lose this gorgeous, tortured wizard to his twisted magic. I haven’t come this far to lose any of them.

So Bring. It. On.

Note: This is a slow burn, New Adult paranormal academy romance, and book 4 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series.

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Prologue: Rafe

She broke her own rules. I watched her do it.

In a debased ritual we were never supposed to see, let alone stop, Maddigan Pierce had watched the Red Team steal power from an entire room full of Twyst Academy mages. She knew that theft was gruesomely wrong. She’d despised the Red Team for trying to take what wasn’t theirs, breaking the backs of lesser mages to build their own strength.

Then she’d stared, spellbound, as the academy mages’ untutored powers joined in a furious tangle with the wild magic of the Borderlands. She’d heard that new magic’s siren song. Her body had practically vibrated with it. Her hands had lifted, fingers sparking with fire. Her beautiful lips had parted, her eyes softening. Her breathing had become hitched, erratic.

Despite everything she knew, everything she believed, she’d craved the mind-bending power flooding through that chamber. And before she could stop herself, she’d taken it. Overwhelmed and unprepared for this surging magic, she’d completely vanished from her body for a moment, leaving our realm entirely. Then she’d returned to herself and given the magic back.

Most of it.

And that was the important part.

Remember that, dammit. That’s the important part.

I shuddered in the shadows, feeling her close enough to touch, to take. She was a war mage, her fire bright and true, and I wanted her more with every breath. I’d watched her endlessly these past few months, her growing power, her strength, her confidence. I’d seen her fall in love with Connor, Luke, Marcus…

Not me, though. Never me. Even though we both spark with fire and temptation every time we get near each other, even though I want her so badly, my mouth goes dry and my palms sweat the moment she appears…she throws up one wall after the other. Tries to stop what’s building between us. To deny what our hearts desire, what our bodies damn near demand. A soft voice deep inside her warns her about me, begs her to stay away.

She should listen to that voice.

Maddigan had no idea how much I knew about her, how much I’d always known, from the moment I’d come to Twyst Academy. Because I recognized the shadow slipping unseen through the academy, hidden from me, teasing me. Waking me up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and a racing heart…a heart I’d already sacrificed once to prove I wasn’t the throwback my family feared I was, the wild mage of their nightmares.

I’d proven myself, over and over again. I’d kept myself in tight control, never straying over the line. So when I’d first suspected that an actual war mage lay hidden in wait at Twyst, I knew I should have acted immediately. Informed the board. Worked with them to find the danger and stamp it out for good.

I hadn’t. Instead, I’d hunted for it on my own, half the time doubting my calculations, the other half second-guessing my sanity. I’d finally caught up to Maddigan Pierce last winter on a bitter and frozen night. She’d been leaving the campus, her slender body wrapped in a too-thin jacket, her thick brown hair plastered to her face as she bent into a deluge of stinging sleet. She had the quick, focused movements of a thief, the wiry strength of a girl used to hauling mops and buckets all over campus. She was also mind-blowingly hot in a way that made no sense to me. Her body radiated sensuality under her baggy men’s clothes. Her intelligent wide eyes and full lips were head-turningly gorgeous, despite all her attempts not to be noticed.

But that night, she mostly looked exhausted. Haunted. Filled with anger—fury, even. And as I’d watched a particularly torrential downpour nearly take her off her feet, heard her scream against the wind, the rain, the storm…

I was lost.

Her outrage echoed within me like a healing balm, a cool touch on a fire that had been stoked to an eternal, boiling fury. Her defiance sang along my bones and danced through my blood. Her untapped magic—wild, deadly, and free—was everything I ever wanted but could never have, under pain of so much worse than death.

That was the moment I fell in love with Maddigan Pierce. She was my beating heart, my broken and cursed soul. She was my very breath.

None of that changed reality. I’d bided my time, intensified my skills, studied and researched until I knew with absolute certainty what she truly was. Then I’d drawn her in, bonded her with my best friends on the planet, leveraged her intelligence and skills to dominate the Mage Trials. Together, the Mage Runners would become the most powerful wizards of our generation, and Maddigan would help us do it. Together, we would fight—and we would win.

After that, I’d honor the vow I’d made on bended knee in an infernal ceremony far away from the eyes of civilized wizards. They’d stripped, tortured and pierced me through with a million shattering shards of power, nearly destroying my soul with our family’s dark and twisted magic. But I had survived, and I had made my pledge, not fully understanding its terrible cost.

So when Maddigan Pierce fulfills her role with our team, then turns on us as her wild, brutal magic ultimately and irresistibly demands of her—

I’ll kill her.

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